Sunday, July 26, 2015

It works!

So, today my collection has one less item, and I couldn't be happier about it! A fine gentleman approached me by email, inquiring about one of the CDs in my library. I was able to send it right off to him, and he was very glad. This is exactly what I hoped might happen. I love sending mail, and I love reuniting people with artifacts!

El Boxeo was the band. They were from Michigan but we played with them in NYC. The venue was this tiny little place called Siberia. They would pretty much let any touring band play there, if you didn't mind playing for the sound guy and maybe 2 other people. There was no sign out front, just a black door on an empty block, but it was a little magical. El Boxeo was super nice, too. We were both kind of experimental as far as our sound went. They definitely had us on musicianship and variety of instruments, but there was mutual respect. We may have even high-fived? Either way, it was a lovely evening.

Here's a picture of the CD getting sent out!