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Here I will begin to catalogue my collection, aiming to once again familiarize myself with the records I have neglected for a while. Have a gander, if you like. Any questions? Feel free to comment or contact me at Do I have rarities you've been looking for? Let me know, 'cause that's why I'm putting this online. Good glory in a biscuit... It's going to take me a while to document all these disks and tapes, but here it goes... Last update on July 26th 2015


Jewel/Non-Jewel Cases

Caves (Bristol, UK) - Betterment (2013 Bombed Out)
Class Clown (VT) - You Need A Hug (2002)
Cassette (MA) - Broadway Showstoppers (2004 PTVN, 3 Potato 4)
The Dead Souls (VT) - Chasing The Shadows (2014 Beautiful Music)
Dudestew (NH) - Wednesday (2012 Dudestew)
Eddy & the Esoteriks (VT) - Eric Satie: Music From the House With Four Chimneys (2008 Big Mo)
Eklezia (VT/NH?) - Politics and Murder Ballads (2002?)
5 Bucks (NH) - Game Over (2001 High Score)
Frydaddy (VT/NH) - Check My Britches (1998 Theta)
The Garbage Men (VT) - Banners, Stars, and Garbage Cans (2002 Dragon Newsletter)
Get a Grip (VT) / It's a Bear (VT/NH) (2011? HOR)
Human Host (MD) - Exploding Demon (2006 MT6)
Rob Kirkorian - Quicksand in the Hourglass (1990 Common Time)
Lawrence Welks & Our Bear to Cross (VT) - Binary Execute Now (2014 Beautiful Music)
Life Musik Mit Andre (VT) / Wax Mice (NY) - Friendly Voices (2014?)
Petunia Liebling MacPumpkin (FL) - Fish Drive Edsels (2012 Electric Phantom)
Martyr Group (NY) - Martyr Group (2014 OSR)
Steve Moddelmog - Nerve Block (2003)
No Sound (MA) - Heartface (2007 Feeding Tube)
Nose Bleed Island (VT) - Opposite Hitler Mustache (2009?)
Nose Bleed Island and the Blood Island Society (VT) (2007 Bunny Huang Records)
Brandon Rainer (NH) - From the River to the Queen (2014)
The Rot Aways (NH) - Shoot 'Em Up (2005?)
Rydells (NH) - Go Mental (2003+ Cheapskate)
The Static Age (VT) - Blank Screens (2006 Reignition)
The Static Age (VT) - The Cost of Living (2002 Red Dawn)
The Static Age (VT) - The Past and Now (Enhanced CD)(2004? Red Dawn)
Sarvela (VT/NH) - Rage (2007)
Waves of Adrenaline (VT) - Let Go The Sails (2015)


Blanche Blanche Blanche (VT/NY) - Termite Music (2014 OSR)
Cave Bears (MA) - Escape From Ironic Castle (2003 Feeding Tube?)
Dirty Kills (ON, Canada) - Stoved In (2013)
Heat Wilson (VT) - Seer Sucker (OSR)
Horse Boys (VT) - II (2013 Spooky Town, OSR)
Human Host (MD) - Amber Majesty (2009 LFL)
JPS (VT/NY) - JPS (2015 OSR)
Lawrence Welks and Our Bear To Cross (VT) - Glory: Awesome (2012 Friendship Tapes)
Zach Phillips (VT/NY) - I Can't Predict My Past Actions (2011 OSR)
Zach Phillips (VT/NY) - Recorded in Hell (2014 Lillerne Tapes)
Poor and Perfect (VT) - Ribs, Friend, Heart, Family (2014)
Rabbit Rabbit (MA) - Inner Summer (2012)
Super Bonheur (VT) - Super Bonheur (2011 note: cool booklet!)
Zebu (MA) - "From the Basement to Antwerp" (20xx Feeding Tube Records)



Bellwire  (NH)- Following the Plan (2014?) Danny Bissette (VT) - Bent Dynasties 7" (2012 Rarebit)
Blanche Blanche Blanche and the Birds of Paradise (VT/NY)- Scam B/W Press Dumps (2012 ADAGIO 830)
Carton (VT) - Fingertips / Alpha Cop (NC) - The Low Flags (2012 Negative Fun?)
Jonee Earthquake Band (NH) - Cell Phone Girl (?? Subterranean Records)
Jonee Earthquake Band (NH) - Where the Wild Things Are (2009 Spiral)
Enrage (NY) - Still Not Down (?? Intense City)
Ruth Garbus (VT) - Joulie EP (2014 Video Piano, OSR)
Lawrence Welks and Our Bear to Cross (VT) - Take Me To Love (2011 Moon Machination?)
Math the Band (RI) - Four To Six (2012)
Pilgrims (VT) - Captain and the Blue Bloods / Ghostt Bllonde (NC) - Dissonance (2013 Negative Fun)
Trapper Keeper (VT) / Wringer (IN) (2012 ??)
Vaporizer (VT) - Sea Full of Eyes B/W These Old Hills (2013 Hydro-Phonic)
Wormburner (NY/NJ) - Today Might Be Our Day (2013 Negative Fun)


Plan a Project (NJ) - Anthems to You (1997 Records of Rebellion)


Blanche Blanche Blanche (VT/NY) Papas Proof (La Station Radar, 2012)
Blanche Blanche Blanche (VT/NY) - Wooden Ball EP (NNA, 2011?)
Bunnies (MA) - Devoted to the Process of Action (2012)
Matt Carlson (??) - All Moments (NNA, 2012)
Co La (MD) - Daydream Repeater (NNA, 2012)
Crime Novels (??)- No Fences EP (Huelga, 2008)
Jonee Earthquake (NH) - The Last Vinyl Record Album (Spiral, 1993)
Fat Creeps (MA) / Zebu (MA) (Feeding Tube, 2013)
Fiasco (NY?)- Native Canadians (Impose, 2008)
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth (MA) - The Seed of Contempt (Feeding Tube, 2010?)
Great Valley (VT) - Lizards of Camelot (Feeding Tube/NNA, 2014?)
Happy Jawbone Family Band (VT) - Happy Jawbone Family Band (Mexican Summer, 2013)
Happy Jawbone Family Band (VT) - Hotel Double Tragedy (Feeding Tube, 2011?)
Happy Jawbone Family Band (VT) - OK Midnight, You Win (Feeding Tube, 2012?)
Deadseraphim (CA) / Montcalm (MA) (2002?)
My Revenge (VT) - Both Feet Over The Line (VT. Breakaway Records, 2001)
Nals Goring in: Watership Down VS the Robber Baron (VT. 2009)
No Sound's Old Man Lee (MA. Feeding Tube, 2008)
November Group (MA)- November Group (Boston? Modern Method, 1983)
November Group (MA) - Persistent Memories (Boston? Brain Eater, 1982)
Ryan Power (VT) - I Don't Want to Die (NNA, 2012)
Ryan Power (VT) - Identity Picks (NNA, 2014?)
River City Rebels (VT) - Done With Love (Mod House, ?)
River City Rebels (VT) - In Love, Loveless (Mod House, ?)
River City Rebels (VT) - Keepsake of Luck (Bermuda Mohawk Production, 2005?)
Screaming Females (NJ) - Baby Teeth (2006)
Son of Salami (VT) - A Study in Eraser Headless Tape Recording (Feeding Tube, 2012?)
Chris Weisman (VT) Monet in the 90's (OSR, 2014 (2008))
Wringer (IN) - Bullfighter (Smell Hound, 2014)
Zebu (MA) - Chainsaws and Cheerleaders (MA. Feeding Tube 2007)
Zebu (MA) - Chill Wave (Feeding Tube 2012)

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